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Report Hacking of A Site, Forum, Blog

How do I report hacking online? Can I report hacking and complain about IP abuse?

Yes you can, within seconds. Here’s how (it’s a lengthy explanation, but trust us, it will take less than 30 seconds to complete the process!):

    1. Find out the abusive IP address
    2. Select and copy it
    3. Enter the IP address in the box below
    4. Click on the File Complaint button
    5. You’ll get to that particular IP’s page
    6. Click the “File Complaint Against This IP
    7. Select Hacking from the drop-down menu, and add your comments, describing the IP abuse.
    8. Click the Submit button. And you’re done.

Why report hacking and, generally, any IP abuse?

You may want to read the full information available on How Do I pages and FAQ pages

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